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Residential Painting

With our expertise in residential painting, Toronto exteriors and interiors gain back their lost glory and many more years of lifespan. Aware that everyday habits, the climate, normal wear, and the elements all take their toll on surfaces, we focus on addressing glitches before anything else to ensure fantastic results.

Naturally, all products used by the team here at Painters Toronto are the best on the market. We are talking about exceptional paints, always suitable for the surface at hand. Also, for the location – exterior/interior. On top of that, expect tip-top quality brushes and the proper equipment for the effective outcome of all residential painting services in Toronto, Ontario. So, are you in search of Toronto home painters?

Residential painting Toronto specialists at your service

Residential Painting Toronto

Thanks to our experience and commitment to our trade, we are the number one choice for residential painting service in the Toronto area. If you are interested in refreshing your home, a residential building, the studio you live in, or an apartment, we are the team for you.

We know that not all surfaces are the same, in regard to their material, location, and condition. It’s one thing painting the exterior and quite another refreshing a living room. Then again, the moisture in the bathroom is taken in equal consideration with exterior surfaces. In short, you don’t worry about the paints chosen for each surface. Thus, you don’t have concerns about the results. Plus, you can trust our team with interior and exterior residential painting Toronto services.

Interior and exterior residential painting services

Are you looking for a residential painting contractor to refresh the interior? Do you want the whole house painted? Or, just the kitchen cabinets refinished? Are you interested in refreshing the exterior? And by that, we don’t only mean the walls and siding, but also the windows, the doors, the fence, the deck – all parts. As you can see, nothing is left out. All parts of your house – indoors and outdoors, can be painted as per request.

Let’s get started, what’s your current house painting request?

As already said, the painting job includes a thorough prep work. Expect nothing less from the best in Toronto painters. And so, the painting service includes and is not limited to tasks, like:

  •          Scraping, power washing, sanding
  •          Fence prep and deck repair
  •          Drywall repair and hole patching
  •          Kitchen cabinets painting
  •          Popcorn ceiling/wallpaper removal
  •          Stone wall and wallpaper installation
  •          Door and window caulking and sealing
  •          Trim, wall, ceiling painting

Our company is here to improve the looks of your residence, inside and out. You choose what you want to do and we are ready to offer solutions, color consultation, a no-obligation free estimate. We like to assure you that all service costs are reasonable. This way, you can refresh your residence whenever you see fit. Or just to change the color. Or to improve its appearance. So, what do you say? Should we have a chat about your needs? Maybe, send a pro to see what you have in mind? If you seek anywhere in Toronto residential painting experts, you found them. Let’s get to work, shall we?