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If it’s time for painting, Toronto’s number one team stands before you and is fully prepared to offer a free consultation and estimate. Interested in learning more about the work process, the cost, the trendy colors, and what will be best for your home?

In our company, we serve all locals. We are the home painters Toronto residents can trust for exterior and interior jobs. And we are also the team to contact if you want a private practice, office, firm, or any business painted. With Painters Toronto standing by, you don’t wonder if we can do this or that but are in a hurry to get started. Let us tell you why.

Your go-to Toronto painting team

Painting Toronto

We are the team to call if you want to book painting in Toronto, Ontario. You can book any painting Toronto job at any property and be sure that the service is provided as scheduled and is completed as agreed. Above all else, you can be certain of the quality of the paints and the final results. We take small and big jobs – anything needed, from one-room painting to a complete exterior and interior house painting service.

Residential painting service

If you seek painting contractors, Toronto experts in interior and exterior jobs, contact our team. We serve whether you want the whole house painted or just some parts of it. We serve whether this is a condo or a family house.

A painting Toronto contractor comes to meet you to provide solutions, consultation, estimates – anything needed to get you started. It’s equally important to us to understand your needs and know details about the structure and the materials of the surfaces.

The home painting service always starts with the good preparation of the surface. Since there are always some blemishes – trivial or serious, the pros take care of them, having as their goal to make the surface as smooth as required for the best adherence of the paint.

When it comes to exterior painting jobs, the surfaces are prepped with great thoroughness since they are usually weathered. And are painted with products suitable for the exterior. The service may involve all exterior parts or just the deck, the fence, the doors, the windows, or the siding. The prep phase may involve some fixing, power washing, scraping, and sanding.

Within the house, the painters can transform all rooms or just the kitchen cabinets, the basement, or the doors. The paints are quality and totally harmless, of course. The prep work may involve drywall repair, sanding, or fixing ceiling flaws. Now, if you only need popcorn ceiling removal and the ceiling finished, or wallpaper removal and installation, we are still the team to contact.

Commercial painting service

As we said, our team is here if you need a commercial painting service in Toronto. It doesn’t matter what the business is all about or if you want the whole office or just some walls painted. Let’s find what color will best represent your work. Let us send a pro to check the wall blemishes so that the painters will come fully prepared for the service. Let’s talk about timeframes, paints, finishing effects, and colors. Shall we?

If you seek a Toronto painting company with experience in all services and available for all jobs, reach ours without hesitation.