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Deck Painting

For long-lasting deck painting, Toronto homeowners should put their trust in our hands. As a professional painting team, we are aware of this job’s challenges and how to overcome them. Those who want to paint a deck often notice wear or some damaged sections along with discoloration. Be sure that such services involve fixing deck problems and thus, ensuring perfect coating adhesion and excellent looks. Let us tell you how decks are treated when you turn to Painters Toronto.

Inquiring about deck painting in Toronto

Deck Painting Toronto

Let’s take things from the start. To inquire about deck painting in Toronto, Ontario, you just have to send us a message or drop us a call. At this point, we understand that you want more information about the process and to know the cost. Since decks differ and people have different tastes, we first send a pro to your home. They check the deck, its material, and its overall condition. Of course, they talk with you to understand your needs and preferences. Based on all that, they provide painting solutions and color consultation. Naturally, they also provide an estimate for the deck painting service. Be sure that there’s no charge or obligation.

Painting a deck

Most people have a wooden deck. Don’t you? We only assume that you are interested in booking wood deck painting. If this is a PVC deck or a composite deck though, you can still turn to us. We have experience with all materials. Be certain. Even if this is a wooden decking, timbers differ. Be also sure of our expertise in all timber species. How is this important, you ask? It’s vital in all stages of the painting job. Let us explain.

Painting a deck well to last for long and make an aesthetic difference involves taking into account various factors. Like is this a pool deck and so, it shouldn’t be slippery? Is this softwood or hardwood? Then, it involves cleaning, checking, and fixing the deck. The material of the deck defines the way things are done. We pay attention to the preparatory stage to ensure the surface becomes soft and level, free of glitches and debris. And then, it’s about using the right coatings for the specific deck. But with a professional deck painter on the job, you shouldn’t worry at all about any stage.

Deck repainting and painting services

As we said, outdoor decks differ in terms of their material, condition, color, and more. And since people’s needs vary too, our company is ready to cover them all.

  •          First-time deck painting. Will this be the first time your deck will be painted? We understand. If the deck’s color has lost its edge, you may want to refresh the surface perhaps with a new color.
  •          Deck staining. Of course, if you just want to revive the deck and give it back its lustrous look while protecting its surface, it could only be stained.
  •          Deck repainting. If the deck is already painted, you may want to change its color. Or, you may want the deck repainted because the old paint is peeling. Whatever your case may be, turn to us.

If you are ready to talk about your project and perhaps book deck painting, Toronto’s most experienced and devoted team is at your service. Let’s chat.